I, Viridian: Supervillain

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This is the story of Viridian: supervillain, fan of Shakespeare, owner of many sexy shoes, carefree and irresponsible at the competitive level, bearer of a mystical gem that gives her incredible powers.

Raised by thieves to be a thief, she was never really a child, or never grew up, she doesn’t know which. When she washes up on the shores of Oklahoma City, pursued by shadowy forces and an unknown enemy, she links up with an oddball gang of would-be supercriminals: mastermind Monk, samurai Tanto, strongman Cave, and the remarkable Flux.

And through them she discovers what it is she is looking for: a reason to fight, a reason to stay, a reason to care, and, most of all, a reason to love.


Published on Amazon • E-copy and Paperback • 140 pages • ISBN 9781533587718

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Children of Zone

Children of Zone

Children of Zone, published by Connor Court, 2015

In 1986 there was a nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, in what was then the Soviet Union. The area, over two thousand square kilometres, was evacuated and sealed. But 149 schoolkids are left behind, forgotten. Over time, they learn how to survive, and slowly they build a society for themselves despite the dangers – radiation, wolves, and winter – of the Zone. Twenty years after the Evacuation, a helicopter from the other side of the Wall appears – with a mysterious woman at the controls. That encounter sparks a chain of events which leads one of the Children, the hunter Isaak, back to the past – and towards a confrontation which threatens the future of the Zone itself.

To buy: http://www.amazon.com/Children-Zone-Derek-Parker/dp/1925138917

This Tattooed Land

This Tattooed Land

This Tattooed Land, published by Connor Court, 2014

In a not-too-distant Australia, an authoritarian Green government has taken power, and has ruled for a decade on the premise of dealing with “the emergency”. Turner, former cop, former convict, sets out for Canberra with a radical mission: assassinate the Prime Minister. Travelling through the ruined landscape, drawn onwards by a growing obsession, he pieces together the story of the country and its people. And what he finds is startling, incredible … and frightening.
To buy://www.amazon.com/This-Tattooed-Land-Derek-Parker/dp/1925138275